NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotism Instructor Heather Rodriguez presents
3-Month Online Hypnotherapy Group Coaching Class
only 20 4 spots open until july 4th
@ 6pm mst
Every Thursday at 7:00 - 8:30 pm MST 
Zoom Video Conferencing

Imagine.. .
You just finished session 4 with a client on a 6 session program that they have ALREADY PAID for and they are so happy with the changes they are experiencing in their lives as a result of hypnotherapy. 

Your client leaves and you check your email and begin getting back to inquiries from people interested in booking sessions with you. 

You book them into YOUR time and the hours that YOU choose to work and you sit back and take a DEEP BREATH… and feel ALIGNED WITH YOUR PURPOSE. 

Your mind starts to get excited about the possibilities for your future, your lifestyle and the ways you can help more people feel better.

This can be you!
No matter what OTHERS around you say… this dream IS POSSIBLE. 

I am here to help...

Spend the summer with me and by the fall your practice will be bigger and bringing in more money than ever before.
You will:
  • ​Learn how to do hypnosis sessions better
  • Be supported in practicing hypnosis and work with your peers
  • ​Share your difficulties, fears, problems and obstacles  
  •  Gain confidence in your hypnosis
  •  Be inspired to share your gift with the world
  •  Build a successful practice with hypnosis
  •  100% (and more) increase your income from hypnosis  
  •  Learn the business side of hypnotherapy  
  •  Put an end to self sabotage  
  • Spend time growing what matters to you  
  •  See demos and receive hypnosis  


"The benefit of having a deeper understanding of using hypnosis to assist my personal growth even if you choose not to practice as a business. 

Also, the biggest part is the sense of community you gain through training and having ongoing access to the Hypnotherapy Institute of Sask to share ideas, experiences, ask questions and be inspired by everyone past, present and future that takes (Heather's) training. 

You are never alone and always supported by colleagues in a non-competitive nature and for that I truly am grateful!!"

Topics covered will include:
Practice Building
Build a sustainable practice
Client relationships and how to edit
Program creation, pricing and selling
Group work dynamics
Perfect your pre-talk for massive results
Technique Improvement
Moving beyond scripts
Re-connect with the language flow of hypnosis
Right ways to incorporate regression
Parts therapy
Ultra Height
Hypno Heather’s 10 step successful session building outline
Healing Theory 
Working from the inside-out
Discovering root cause
Successful & unsuccessful thinking
Weight loss and eating habits
Anxiety & panic attacks
Keys to working with ALL issues
Personal Transformation
Create a new mental blueprint at the foundation of your mind
Feel confident in your purpose to really help others
Release fear of failure/success
Experience changes in your life happening with ease
Feel happier about your future

And COMMUNITY is the glue that sticks it all together and turns the dreams and possibilities into reality.

PLUS - Be supported when you need help managing getting busier faster from your success by being in the group.
Hurry! Sign Up Before Spots Fill Up!
This is the only time this program will be offered at this price
Pay in full - $750 USD

Payment Plan - $250 USD x 3 months

Get Access To:
  • Google drive with videos, files and templates for your success.
  • Private Facebook group:  
  • - To share your growth and struggles with
  • - To connect and practice on each other
  • - To ask questions and receive feedback and solutions
  • ​Heather! Time with me every week. Listening, talking and growing alongside me. I will support you along the way so that you can make your dreams a reality.  
  • ​Get increased access to how I do forms, session plans and processes I learned over the years from social media, to Facebook marketing and creating your ideal customer avatar. 
Weekly Live Session Layout:
Topic discussion by Heather
Move into coaching Q & A - ask your questions!
Periodic hypnosis demos and sessions for the group
Why join the group?
  • Be part of the 5% that is successful after taking a class because they belong to a community
  • Learn with peers and be inspired by them and helped by their questions
  • ​You want to create freedom in your life through practicing hypnotherapy
  •  Helping others is your calling and you are invested in yourself to grow
  •  You love the idea of spending time with like-minded people every week
  •  Deep down you know that with consistent support you will get there sooner
  •  Spending time in the space that Heather holds and shares universal wisdom from will lead you to insights that will elevate your consciousness and your life
Hurry! Sign Up Before Spots Fill Up!
This is the only time this program will be offered at this price
Pay in full - $750 USD

Payment Plan - $250 USD x 3 months

Patty Kennedy

" I think one of the greatest benefits of taking the training is as the others have said; local support and an opportunity to do exchanges with other practitioners. The monthly [Chapter] meetings & sharing of information in that forum as well." 
About Hypno Heather
Heather Rodriguez
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotism Instructor ,
Founder and President of the Saskatchewan Institute of Hypnotherapy
Heather Rodriguez, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotism Instructor with over 7 years of experience and thousands of sessions . 

Heather has been certifying hypnotists and hypnotherapists since 2014 and have trained over 60  students. She loves to share all that she knows about healing and hypnosis with her students. 

There are so many opportunities and possibilities open to someone practicing this modality and it is part of her purpose to not only raise awareness as to the healing power of hypnosis but also guide others to make the most out of it for themselves. 

She lives, practices and teaches from the heart. Her teaching philosophy is embodied in the quote by JFK, 'A rising tide lifts all boats' and she offers continued support and opportunities for advanced training after the training has ended. 
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