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"I can’t list all the positive ways in which my life has and continues to change! I found Heather’s stories, real life experiences and the awareness and participation of the group so helpful. It was very helpful to hypnotize the volunteers too! 
- Kami Smith-Vopni

"Heather is a fantastic teacher and brings a lot of passion and energy to the content. Her experience and knowledge provide a solid foundation. Her supportive and encouraging style of teaching make it easy to learn and succeed, and be inspired."
- Steven Bowden

About Heather Rodriguez

Heather Rodriguez has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2011, created the brand Hypno Heather in 2014 and has established herself as a leading force in the world of hypnosis and is accredited for building a sustainable, successful practice in Saskatchewan.

She began training others in hypnotherapy and hypnosis in 2014 and has since certified over 60 students, founded The Saskatchewan Institute of Hypnotherapy, and created an industry of hypnosis in Saskatchewan from the ground up.

As public awareness of the need for better mental health grew and more people were feeling the beneficial effects of healing from the inside out, the desire for more effective solutions grew alongside with it.

Heather evolved along with the alternative health revolution and after studying many areas of holistic health found hypnosis and began to practice this modality. She immediately saw the life-changing, transformational outcomes of working at the level of depth and all-knowing-ness of the subconscious mind.

This began her crusade of spreading awareness about hypnotherapy and it’s benefits and speaking about the misconceptions and myths surrounding the general perception of entertainment-style hypnotism.

As word spread and results spoke for themselves, people started to see the value in using hypnosis to feel better and the value in learning how to use hypnosis to help others. The demand for training continues to grow to serve others to add to the depth of their present healing or coaching work; to create a hypnotherapy practice; to supplement their psychology degree/practice; to enhance and heal their own life or to help those they love.

As a result of the amazing dedication, support and community that now assists her in continuing to spread the word and provide relief to those in need for hundreds of issues and conditions, there are even more opportunities for the consulting hypnotist/hypnotherapist to continuously advance and rise with their peers to higher levels of professionalism and success than ever before!

Some of the ways this support is available now are:
• Membership in the Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists for a chance to be a part of a public presence for growing awareness, self-promotion and learning with a new topic explored every week
• Private facebook group for the past and present students of Heather’s for continued connection with peers and resource for asking questions
• Admission into the Conscious Practitioners Community private Facebook group designed to level up your practice from the inside-out
• Access to a manual of curated information and scripts by Heather of material and theory that helped her achieve the level of success she has
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